• Soul Mastery School

    an Exclusive One-on-One & Group

    Mentoring Program


  • We have been on a great journey

    and now we are walking each other Home

  • Why Soul Mastery?

    It is crucial to learn, step into, obtain and uphold mastery on all levels to achieve lasting peace within, to live a creative and abundant life as part of, achieving one’s Highest Purpose in this lifetime. And simply to be truly happy.


    Our self-realization correlates to & affects Humanity as a whole, as we all carry our own personal responsibility for the Collective critical mass to be reached, as well as our own ‘critical mass’ for personal happiness.


    It is no longer about hiding out in a monastery …

    it is all about living life, fully in it.


    And this requires the deepest Healing, being stripped naked of all egoic ways, right to the core.

  • “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious” Carl Jung

    “Spiritual Depression presents itself in much the same way as clinical depression – but not quite. The marks of distinction are crucial, yet hard for the untrained to recognize. They make the difference between interpreting the source of depression as a problem that may require medication or as a process of transformation that is best served by reflection, discussion of the stages of the dark night, and understanding the nature of mystical prayer. I have met many people who have been treated for depression and other conditions when they were in fact, in the deep stages of a spiritual crisis. Without the proper support, that crisis becomes misdirected into a a problem with relationships, a problem with one’s childhood, or a chronic malaise.

    Spiritual Crises are now a very real part of our spectrum of health challenges and we need to acknowledge them with the same authority as we do clinical depression”. (Defy Gravity)

  • A Profound Journey

    The SOUL MASTERY SCHOOL Mentoring Program walks through Eight Gates

    Utilizing some important Mechanics.

    Gate 1

    Anatomy of the 23 Bodies & Systems

    What are they and why are they relevant?

    • How the many bodies make up who we are in totality
    • We are not just a physical Body we are the 'magnificence of Creation' itself
    • How working & breathing with them all produces links from the Physical to the Spiritual
    • We bring the Sacred wholistic picture into view

    Gate 2

    Breath of Life

    • Deepening your relationship to your Breath
    • Discerning how your breath moves, where it is moving, deepening your understanding of what your breath is telling you about yourself
    • Relax and deepen into missing, trapped innate power & move into a new mode
    • Combine with intention to release and free up various arenas of energy that has been struggling to get your attention, entrapping the very part of your being that you know you are but don't have access to.
    • Link up the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and incorporate their many purposes
    • Facilitate calming, lowering blood pressure, quietening the heart
    • Open up trapped emotions and memories that lie caught in the muscles, the cells, in miasma and in each and every system within the body 

    Gate 3

    Harnessing the Mental Body

    • Develop stronger discipline and train the mind with exercises to harness the wild horse/monkey-mind
    • Determine:  Who is in charge anyway? You, or the thoughts? Who is driving your Ship?
    • Observe all thoughts, and discover where you maybe 'checking out’ and why the symptoms of that 'check out', matter
    • Discern the nature of interference and what is occurring as a result
    • The need for Protection and how it’s done
    • Aligning the Inter-relationship of the 6th chakra/Third Eye and the Mental Body to work together
    • Focus on only what you want to create and understanding how this ties in with Self Worth and Worthiness
    • Discover the links into the Emotional Body and the importance of its strength … and how it ‘collapses’, exposing weakness

    Gate 4

    The Feeling Body … your ‘Divine GPS’ Navigation System

    • The importance of learning to discern and using the Intuition/Feeling Body 
    • Restore the Feeling Body in order to fulfill our Solar Logos/Who We Are/ Our Soul’s Purpose
    • Feel the numerous ‘influenced by past /experiences/traumas/stories’ that are the source of what is actually occurring in your present Now
    • Identify and observe the various feelings embedded in the emotional field
    • The importance of being relaxed so you can observe your Emotional & Mental Bodies
    • Comb through all that may be obstructing the functional capacity of your GPS intuitive system.
    • Address the dormant trapped power affecting your 7 main chakras 

    Gate 5

    The Power of Prayer

    • The key to opening up and freeing trapped energy
    • Go deeper into ‘your next step’, your authentic self
    • Have conversations with Source
    • Prayer is the very fabric of your foundation and the vehicle that carries all your needs to Source
    • Come into communion with your Soul, Yourself
    • Fortify your being to stand tall in who you are
    • Radiate from the Heart on a daily basis so that Love easily slips into your 24/7 mode
    • Be more honest with yourself so you can clear ‘what was’ and move into the future

    Gate 6

    Making space for more Love … What needs to go

    • Clear Energies that are no longer desired in your existence
    • The many aspects and areas relating to ‘clearing energies’
    • Love is always the Key, especially as combined with Forgiveness
    • Learning to observe without judgment
    • The Zero Point Zone of Forgiveness
    • Reclaiming your Spirit
    • Scan to discover snowballed thought forms that have grown in size and power
    • Unveil the symptoms of a layer
    • Come to know all the possible tricks you know how to unconsciously deliver  (lower self), that could arise within you

    Gate 7

    Frequency Modulation. Working with Vibration

    • Definition and uses of Frequency Modulation
    • Power of Gratitude
    • Emotional Body as a TOOL
    • Essence of Creation
    • Three Fold Flame of the Burning Heart:  Love, Wisdom & Power
    • Bhakti and your Devotion to Source

    Gate 8

    Sacred Sexuality; A Balanced Masculine & Feminine

    • Balance the Masculine and Feminine within
    • Tap your Multi Dimensional Self
    • The Power and essence of Sacred Sexuality
    • What does ‘Sacred’ mean and how we bring it to our sexuality
    • Clearing the influence of past Abuse & Trauma
    • Sacred Marriage within
  • What is Included?

    Everything you need to know about applying


    As part of your Training, you will receive:​

    2 Hour initial Assessment Healing & Reading to ascertain where you are at, discuss your individual needs, requirements and know your starting point.

    • Personal Consultations throughout the 8 weeks
    • A 60 page Manual Workbook
    • Instructional Guided Exercises on MP3’s
    • Access to Tools & Prayers that are reserved for students    

    Application Process

    You'll need to:​

    Book a FREE Call w Juliet.

    Lets see if we are a match to work together and if this program is right for you

    If you really want to work with me I am sure we can find a way

    Sincere aspirants need only apply

    Where and When

    Live or Online

    • Webinars, Group Live Classes & 'One on One'   Mentoring are available 
  • Listen to me LIVE to understand a little more

    ... with me doing my best on camera :)

    The Program

    Mechanics to Soul Mastery

    Build Momentum so that you are more easily able to digest Life. Your Relationships with yourself most importantly, affects how you are in relationship with others

    Be on Purpose

    3 Perspectives that can hold us back

    How convicted are you with where you are going?

    Are you implementing your actions well?


    What is happening for you?

    Confusion, becoming caught within the Maze, unable to see ahead. Setting Goals difficult ?

    What is your Heart doing as you watch this video?

  • About Juliet

    Metaphysical Teacher & Mentor, Evolutionary Astrologer & Spiritual Body Trainer

    About Juliet

    Living & Teaching the Spiritual Life

    Born in Australia, and living in Europe, Oregon and now Maui, Hawaii, Juliet has been practicing esoteric metaphysical and spiritual principles for more than 30 years.


    Juliet spent 10 condensed years in The Daystar Mystery School where rigorous training of the highest order initiated Juliet into a broad awakening experience. Utilizing multiple modalities and ultimately using The Power of the Spoken Word & Prayer, Juliet deals with any & all possibilities of spiritual interference or mis-alignment, shadow and all that is in the unconscious that needs to be brought to light. Alchemizing your experiences into your treasure & wisdom.


    Juliet’s true skill is to assist a Soul to be able to “Go Home” all the way into the Deep Heart. A Sensitive and as a Spiritual Midwife Juliet ushers, guides and mentors' her clients into their true spiritual posture within.






  • Classes Available

    Mentoring; see above

    Goddess Immersion with Feminine Shakti.

    5 week Course.

    July 13th, 20th, 27th, August 3rd & 10th @1.30pm-3.30pm

    Straddling the 3 Eclipses as we dive into the Mysteries of the Feminine of Light & Dark ... assisting each to better walk our way with the Urges from the Cosmos

    We will utilize Power Point, Meditation, Mantra & Prayer we will journey each week to understand the mythology, how Her story pertains to our own inner world in our cellular memory, (cross relating into Now).
    Initially we will begin with the Cosmic Mother and the Big Picture .. then venture into the individual realms of Isis, Durga, Lilith, Kali, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Lalita, as Goddess .. to deepen & anchor her muse.
    How can we ReSolve Her within ourselves ... completely, so that we gain their/our gifts.
    We will come to understand Her/their tonality, realizing Her harmonic within ourselves. Discovering where we have denied, betrayed, numbed out, separated from and so assisting ourselves to reclaim, retrieve and recalibrate, so that synthesis may occur.
    Full Payment is required upfront for the 5 classes x 2 hours = $100.00
    Call Juliet 808-359-8676 for expressions of interest.

  • Videos

    The Foundation of most problems is Fear

    Fear ... The Biggest Game in Town

    Fear can be paralyzing for some, generally debilitating for others and keeps you caught in the broken records of the mind. Feeling stuck, struggling and generally away from your Joy?

    Practical Solutions to walk out of the seemingly 'real' Maze.

    Honour Thyself

    Life runs in Cycles

    Ground yourself into the Core of the earth ... check in again and find your flow. Fall into the silence.

    What is covered in the Mentorship Program

    Briefly in 3:30 minutes

    The Mechanics to Soul Mastery; The 5 Mechanics similar to the 8 Gates

  • Testimonials

    “My lifetime spiritual quest has led me to many healers who have all been gifted and helpful. However, Juliet has been over the top, as she has the ability to take one to the very depths of the glitches, twist and turns of the soul’s journey.
    My life has become easy, happy and at peace due to Juliet’s guidance into the mystery. Her compassion and gentle way of being, makes going into darkness and bringing myself back to the light healing, a grand, as well as a safe, adventure.

    A Teacher extraordinaire, Juliet models tools in a seamless, practical and beautiful way that one can use to continue their journey no matter what may come in future years.

    I am truly blessed to have experienced Juliet’s Self-Mastery School and her beautiful presence”.
    Jan Sneider-Brown, Ashland, Oregon


    “I was referred to Juliet Butters Doty as a client. My first session with Juliet was so profound and powerful. She was able to see into me in a multi-faceted, multi-demensional way; layer by layer she found the symptoms and removed them up into a beautiful prayer working with her guides and angels. I literally felt these “symptoms” being pulled off as she released them. I felt a release through tears and profound gratification. This healing stayed with me and continued working on me through the weeks. I came to Juliet a second time and had a similar experience. I felt called to do the mentoring program with Juliet and was astounded at the level of mastery she brought to the table. I learned life times of information and ways to heal and clear myself as well as others. She shared all that she knew and then some whilst doing healing’s each session that we met. She is unconditional in her giving and has a true desire to help. I am eternally grateful for our meeting and time spent”.  

    Amy, Ashland, Oregon


    “Juliet’s Mentoring Program & Workshop gave me incredible and useful insight into how the individual, working within the Laws of the Universe, can encourage personal and evolutionary growth; through prayer, clean thinking, good will, right action, humility, and steadfast devotion to love and working with Masters & Guides. As a result of utilizing and maintaining daily practices I learned during the Unwind the Soul Workshop, I have felt a cellular shift and upliftment in every area of my life.

    Juliet’s use of inspiring art, music, guided meditation, invocation and prayer, technology, personal and guided mediation gave me multiple ways to connect and deepen with the information and practice. Juliet’s group work is an unparalleled experience. I am truly grateful to Juliet for sharing her gifts and insights with us in this supportive, enjoyable, and informational way”.

    Lynne Matejcek. Ashland, Oregon

    Celine Grelard sharing her experience of my Work & Teachings

  • Contact Juliet

    I'd love for you to join me on this profound journey with Soul Mastery School

    Maui, Hawaii. USA
    By appointment only